Start-Up Camp In Women Sector

Duration : 7 Weeks

About Program

Women play a crucial role in the overall development process. Thus the development of women entrepreneurship is essential since it creates a new array of women leader/entrepreneurs, which provides employment to thousands, contributing greatly to the nation’s wealth and economy.The last two decades have witnessed the emergence of women entrepreneurship on a global basis. Yet, many more women lack the skills required for entrepreneurial ventures. The absence of integrated and need based programs and non-availability of skills to develop women as “entrepreneurs” further inhibits the efforts. designing special Women Enterprise Development Programs (WEDPs) to help create, promote and manage Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Till now, it has already developed 4,00,000 women who start their own business and earn Rs. 10,000 to Rs 90,000 per month.


Individual follow up support will be extended by Udyogwardhini till the establishment and runing of an Enterprise. We also offer

  • Equity Trading, Derivatives Trading, Commodity Trading, Currency Trading
  • Investment Advise
  • PMS
  • Mutual Funds


  • Enhance Knowledge
  • More practical approach
  • Holistic idea about business
  • Acquaint the business strategy in their veins


Any women/housewives who wants to identify/ launch/ join/ manage a SME

Families owning businesses, who want to develop their potential successors (daughters/ sisters) or associates in professional skills for Business Management and Development

Women/housewives, who already have an existing business, and wish to expand/diversify the same

Wives of existing entrepreneurs who want to create new enterprises or join their family business


To develop fast -track women entrepreneurs as leaders and catalysts in various industry segments, equipping them with global perspective and contemporary knowledge in business and management.

  • To give women/housewives a detailed idea about the procedures involved in establishing an entrepreneurial unit
  • To impart basic managerial skills and understandings to women and housewives so that they can run the project efficiently and effectively.
  • To equip the women entrepreneurs with effective communication skills
  • To educate the women entrepreneurs about the financial aspects of businesses
  • To make the women/housewives aware about the laws with regards to entrepreneurship to overcome any future problems

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