India lives in its villages, the statement is true even today literally and from the social, economic and perspective. About 65% of the state’s population is living rural areas. Therefore rural development which is concerned with economic growth and social justice, improvement in the living standard of the rural people by providing adequate and quality social services and minimum basic needs become essential.

Udyogwardhini is providing skill and entrepreneurship trainings even in rural remote areas like – Barshingve, Daranewadi, Kanadwadi, Kashusthewadi, Peth, Surgana, Yeola, Nandgaon villages in Nashik and Mammidipudi and Nellore villages in Hyderabad under the CSR from Tata Housing Co. Ltd. Mumbai, Tata Projects Ltd., Hyderabad. CREDAI National, Delhi.

Conducting trainings for rural population is full of challenge. The first and foremost thing is making them understand the importance & benefit of the trainings to them. Since these people are engaged in agriculture & allied activities for their livelihood. The importance of training and entrepreneurial activities is very less. Udyogwardhini is working hard on creating importance of training and providing training to them.

Till date Udyogwardhini has trained more than 15000+ rural participants from rural areas. In skill based trainings in small pada’s (small villages) of Igatpuri where we trained ladies for sewing machine operator and got them placed at Samsonite India Ltd. at Nashik. It was a great sense of achievement for these ladies as they belonged to tribal community where women’s are not even allowed to step outside their home are now going for job and earning monthly salary of Rs. 8000/-

Udyogwardhini has also trained ladies for entrepreneurship development program in Nellore & Mammidipudi where after completion of program the ladies have formed society trust where these ladies can raise funds and grow their business.

Udyogwardhini feels proud that it has become instrumental in changing lives of so many people through its various training programs. These are the people who were once striving to meet their daily needs and after completion of training are living sustainable life.

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