Mr. Sunil Chandak

Mr. Sunil Chandak is himself is an institution departing knowledge to many individuals and enriching lives and making them self sustained. With a mission to make the unemployed youth self-sustained he is conducting the entrepreneurship development programs and Skill based development programs for over 23 years.

He is the founder of “Udyogwardhini Shikshan Sanstha” where with hands on training and excellence in speech he has trained more than 42,000 budding entrepreneurs till date. On a mission of creating an ecosystem that supports and promotes entrepreneurship, he has been promoting entrepreneurship through various EDP, EAC camps, Public Shows, guest lecturers to various education institutions and events.

With all his rich experience of 32 years expertise he has mentored ennumber of students and personally helped out many individuals to find their ways in their business.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime,” following this principle his mission is to reach out to millions of people and change their lives and make them self sustainable in life. His life journey is truly an inspiration to all the youth who believes in self within and want to be a “Trend- Setter” in society rather than a follower.

The Journey

Chandak originally hails from Nandgaon. His family ran a traditional grocery store. Sunil managed the grocery store and at the same time educated himself up to B.Com. His father wished for him to manage the family’s traditional business. But Sunil wanted to do something different. He felt that along with himself, he should generate employment for others too. Accidently, everything happened as he desired. This story is quite interesting……

Chandak sought admission for MBA in BYK College. As part of the management course, he had to attend a seminar on entrepreneurship in Mumbai. The then director of MITCON, Mr. Ranade, addressed the seminar which left Chandak deeply inspired. He directly met Mr. Ranade and asked him, “Sir, I want to be an entrepreneur, what should I do?” Ranade told him to join the entrepreneur training program of MITCON. As a part of his MBA, Chandak had prepared a Project on the theme ‘What is the Policy of the government on marketing’? Hence while appearing for an interview at MITCON, he answered all the questions with ease and he got the job easily.

Initially, Chandak was sent by MITCON to Ahmedabad for Six – month training. Under the programme, he had to deliver a lecture on a subject every week. Since Chandak was a man of few words, he encountered difficulty while lecturing. When his boss came to know, they summoned him and asked the reason. Chandak told them that his family did not have the tradition of Learning, so how can he teach? But his bosses did not listen. The matter came to such a pass that Chandak decided to quit the job. But it was not easy either. Since he had executed the bond for the job, told to first pay Rs 2 lakh and quit the job.

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Mentor / Motivator

Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor”… While an idea is a backbone of establishing a startup, guidance and expert management is the key to sustaining it; it is important to leverage knowledge of experts in the industry to avoid pitfalls and develop an effective growth strategy. A mentor is one who believes in his student gives him the confidence and moral support and nurtures ideas and turns them into reality. Mr. Sunil Chandak has trained more than 1, 00,000 students and have turned 42,000 to entrepreneurs. He also provided linkages to his students and guided them to establish their business. He also funded personally to some of his students for their setting up startups. Sunil Chandak, a motivator who has been holding aloft the torch of progress through his institute “Udyogwardhini”.


Mr. Chandak has initiated many new trends in Nashik. While bringing the change in the society Mr. Chandak also initiated many new courses and promoted many new ideas which were not noticed by the high officials.

Through Udyogwardhini, Mr. Chandak has launched various training programs which are first of its kind in Maharashtra and India. He has launched the first DTP Offset Training Program, Mobile handset repairing course, Food Processing course. He promoted the 1st Women Industrial Zone in MIDC in Maharashtra and 1st Industrial Premises Co-Op. Society in MIDC in Maharashtra.


Mr. Chandak is the social animal. He always strives to contribute to the society. He consistently devotes his time and energy to causes and initiatives that he is passionate about. These range from rural education to promoting a healthy body, mind & spirit, to nurturing and developing young talents.

He is the Chairman of “Vanbandhu Parishad Nashik T Chapter”. Vanbadhu Parishad is an NGO which runs 360 schools in Nashik in tribal areas and 52000 schools over all India. Under the leadership of Mr. Chandak this NGO has raised cores of donation for the social welfare purpose.

Awards and Accolades

Mr. Chandak is endowed with many renowned awards like “Best Entrepreneurs- Trainer Award” in 1994 by Entrepreneurs International, Pune. Inaugural National Science –Tech Entrepreneur Trainer Award by the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) of Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi in 1992.

National Entrepreneurs Trainer” Award by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) Ahmedabad in 1999. “Best Entrepreneurs- Trainer Award” in 1994 by Entrepreneurs International, Pune. “Sheti Mitra” (Friend of Agriculture) by Govt. of Maharashtra in 2000. “SAMAJ GAURAV” by ‘Akhil Bhartiya Maheshwari Mahasabha’ at International Maheshwari Convention held at Bhilwara in Dec. 2007. He is also honored with the Prestigious “Business Icon Award” by Lokmat, Nashik.

And many other felicitations by LIONS, Rotary, Jaycees Clubs of Nashik, Zilla Parishad, Nashik, RCF, Mumbai, Various Co-op Banks & Educational Institutions of Nashik.


Mr. Chandak is a self made man and he himself has proved to be a successful Entrepreneur. He not only heads Udyogwardhini but he has also expanded his business in different horizons like import & export. He heads an import export firm under the name – Spin Global Trades. He also heads organizations like Vanbandhu Parishad an NGO for social welfare.


Mr. Chandak is a family man. He loves to spend time with his family a loving and caring wife a gorgeous beautiful daughter and a replica of self his son makes a perfect square. But his family extends beyond this as he also considers his students / staff and all those who are directly or indirectly connected to him. Mr. Chandak values and respects each relation and bonds everyone with love, care and respect. This quality of his makes him a person.

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